Shea Moisture

Beauty Reborn

Taking a stand against black hair stereotypes, Shea Moisture helps young WOC shed their insecurities and embrace their natural beauty.


the Chop Shop

The first step to going natural is to cut off damaged hair (known as “the big chop”). Pop-up salons known as “The Chop Shop” will be set up to give women a complimentary consultation, cut, and styling.


Salon Interior

Once a client has shed off the weight of hair that was holding them back, their statement of “rebirth” will appear on the mirror.


Beauty box

After their appointment, clients receive a custom “Beauty Box” containing a starter kit of Shea Moisture products based on their hair type.

Shea Beauty Box f1v2.jpg


Instead of billboards, local WOC artists will take over rundown spaces in the community and give them new life by showcasing the beauty of natural-hair women.

shea moisture mural 1v3.jpg

Testimonial SPreads

Real women who have gone natural will be featured in magazines like Nylon, Essence, and Glamour to highlight their take on how it shaped their beauty identity.


‘Get real’ Reviews

In exchange for their free appointment, women are encouraged to ‘get real’ and share their journey to natural hair.


AD: Ansel Wright