Clarkston, GA

Small Town, Big Heart

Twenty minutes east of the bustling streets of Atlanta sits a quiet, unassuming town with a story worth telling. Every year over 1,500 refugees make their way from around the world to find a new place to call home. Even with so many types of people, cultures, and languages, this community has integrated itself into a place of compassion, acceptance, and support. We took inspiration from Clarkston’s roots to create a brand identity that intertwined its diverse fragments into a quilt of resilient kinship.

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Town mission Statement


community pride

To create a unified feel, we made flags and banners that showcase its hopeful spirit.

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Faces of Clarkston

Joining an already thriving community can be daunting. We wanted to make it easier for newcomers to get to know the faces in their neighborhood.

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Banners on Foodie sites

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Bringing in New Business

Without forgetting the charm of its small town feel, there’s room for its economy to flourish. We created executive mailers that highlight the opportunities for growth in Clarkston to send out to potential investors.

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Designer: Daniel Hunley