Immerse yourself

Living like a local means doing things like a local. As an interactive extension, Airbnb Immerse kicks the travel experience up a notch by taking hints from the people who live and breath the city: the hosts.


Airbnb Immerse

We partnered with Airbnb hosts to curate authentic experiences in their respective cities. Hosts who take part will be marked with the Immerse icon so users will know the curated lists can be accessed by booking the host’s home.

Airbnb Immerse 3.1.png

host tips

With daily digital reminders, users will feel like a host is with them throughout their whole trip, guiding them throughout the city.


Airport posters

Featuring Immerse Hosts, travelers can access free teaser lists by scanning in QR codes.


out of home

VR tower viewers placed in high-traffic tourist areas will encourage travelers to go off the beaten path by highlighting hidden gems in the distance. 

Inside view

Inside view

Inside view

Inside view

Inside view

Inside view

Art Director: Alex King